Original Fishing Snake


it FLOATS, COILS and SWIMS like nothing you have ever used!

The time is now to catch the biggest fish of your life!!

Over 12,000 pictures– Multispecies fish sent in by anglers just like you: Bass, Pike, Stripers, Redfish, Muskie, Tarpon, Cobia, Steelhead, Lake Trout, Catfish, Snook

They all Hammer this 11″ Baby Snake  that SWIMS and FLOATS like nothing you have ever used before.

(You can fish it underwater by adding weight)- It is Killer!



Tired of catching dinks? The White Albino snake is a BIG FISH favourite

The Bass Professor/Doug Hannon has caught over– 800— 10 pound Plus BASS from around the world-

Are you Ready to catch the biggest fish of Your life?

Over 12,000 big fish pictures received, Snakes are forage for big fish and found everywhere!! - How to rig instructions included in every package-

We have hundreds of testimonials from happy customers who’ve managed to bag themselves a lunker of a lifetime and so can you …. Join us!

Just having the snake tied to the end of my line is suspenseful, just fishing with it, alone, is exciting.  The thing appears so real I have had a hawk swoop down and try to get it-no joke!  But when you see that explosion of water and that snake disappears, OH MAN!!! There is truly nothing like it, especially knowing you got a lunker on the other end.
Thanks again Doug.
Luke B.


Original Fishing Snake Lure

Viper Red, Chartreuse Green & Moccasin Black

Most fish; Bass, Pike, Musky and other fish do eat snakes. Snakes are also a natural enemy of Bass because during the spawn, snakes feed on baby frye. Bass will often strike snakes during the spawn. So, not only is the spawn a good time to fish the snake, the summer and fall months are good as well because of the weeds.

The Doug Hannon Big Bass System was amazing! I caught many fish in just one trip! The lures provide an amazing topwater action that seems to catch bigger fish. The lures entice big fish with their awesome action. The hook slot in the lure is a nice feature that helps in setting the hook. 
Nate T.
Lowell, MI

Catching trophy bass is childs play with the Original Fishing Snake!!!

I am a repeat customer (this is my 4th order). My father and brother’s can’t believe the action I get on these snakes on our annual fishing trip.
Donald M
Grand Prairie, TX


Doug Hannon has caught over 800 10lb Largemouth Bass

Made with soft and flexible Durocone® material

Molded in “S” shape for optimum action Floats even with rigged hook Available sizes: 11″ (paddle tail) • 14″ (curly tail) Available colors: White Albino, Red Viper, Brown Rat, Black Moccasin, Green Grass When ordered online: Comes with 4 – 4/0 or 5/0 worm hooks Colors are individually wrapped Has cut hook cavity on top to embed hook and make weedless


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